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Due to on-site dust, high temperature, humidity, corrosive gases and other reasons, over time the failure rate of the electrical products increased gradually in these industrial environments, if negligent in maintenance, once failure, often caused big impacts in production and significant economic losses.


 If the protection of distribution system failure, when electrical fault, the protection element failure may lead to disastrous consequences. Machinery and equipment must be comprehensive maintained properly, to ensure the service life and usability of machinery and equipment, also ensure the equipment being in good operating state.


Periodic predictive maintenance, through the equipment to detect equipments and obtained data were the scientific analysis, then find the hidden fault location of the current equipment, targeted maintenance and inspection, to eliminate hidden dangers in the bud. Leaddo provides preventive maintenance solution for electrical products, distribution systems, and according to the characteristics of mechanical equipment to proceed professional maintenance,  preventive measures to the customers and saving maintenance costs.

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