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  • Product name: Overload and unbalanced load detecting devices
  • Product Numbers: 000006
  • Shelves time: 2011-05-12
  • Browse the number : 157


The overload and unbalanced load detecting device, a necessary load detecting unit of railway security transportation, is applied to railway special lines and freight yards of the major stations, the gateways, mineral mountain railroads, port railways and metallurgical enterprises.

The device adopts the Joint-less Track structural form of railway main line standards, and uses multi-dimensional force measurement of integration with gravity and shear sensors. The stress state of the single wheel by detection and the description of its waveform and track may contribute to the data of axle load, bogie load, joint load, overload, unbalance load, gravity center and offset, etc. And also, it can help to finish data storage, statistics of stage, excelling, printing, excessive alarm, internet sharing and such other correlative tasks.

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