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  • Product name: Automatic positioning loading/unloading system of stacker-reclaimers
  • Product Numbers: 00003
  • Shelves time: 2011-05-12
  • Browse the number : 88


System functions

1. Realizing precise detection of stacker-reclainers' running position, with 5mm of detection accuracy; the test result being uploaded to PLC system to prevent collision or derailment of the stacker-reclainers;

2. Realizing precise detection of stacker-reclainers' blanking or stacking position, with 5mm of detection accuracy; the test result being uploaded to PLC system; interlock control with the small belt to prevent mixing;

3. Realizing the data exchange bi-directionally between the ground and stacker-reclainers; realizing interlock control between stacker-reclainers and the equipments on the ground to prevent blocking;

4. Integrated with inverters, the controlling of the stacker-reclainmers' automatic running can be realized;  the control of fixed beginning and arbitrary ending can be realized; the materials of yards can be in a line of  the same density;

5. Displaying the trajectory and operation condition of every stacker-reclainmer in the centre control room; remote monitoring the stacker-reclainmers; commanding the stacker-reclainmers in center control room and instructing the standardization of the driver's operation; strictly controlling the form and regularity of stacking/reclaiming; greatly improving yards' utilization;

6.  Integrated with dosing scales, the functions of automatic display and statistic of every coal can be realized.

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