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  • Product name: Automatic stuff spreading system of discharge trolleys
  • Product Numbers: 00002
  • Shelves time: 2011-05-12
  • Browse the number : 151


System functions

1. The running positioning detection of discharge trolleys

The running positioning of discharge trolleys is detected by the Electronic Coordinates Ruler Location Sensor, installed on the side of the rail; the test result is the coordinate of the discharge trolley; the detection precision is within 5mm; anti-collision for the discharge trolleys.

2. Automatic control of the discharge trolleys' running

ntegrated with PLC, the running of the discharge trolleys can be realized automatic control; the burdening trolleys are controlled to the designated position for burdening and discharging.

3. The positioning detection of the burdening

With Electronic Coordinates Ruler Location Sensor, the positions of the burdening and storage bins can be precisely detected, with accuracy of 5mm; the discharge trolleys can be burdened in designated area, and won't be mixed with the adjacent storage bins.

4. Realizing the data exchange bi-directionally between the ground and the trolleys

The address information can be transmitted with its own induction, or the towline of radio stations and signals; two pairs of induction loops, additionally installed in the cable, are used in data inductive communication.

5. Realizing interlock control

Realizing interlock control between the discharge trolleys and underground plants to prevent blocking.

6. Realizing remote control of discharge trolleys

Instructing the discharge trolleys in the dispatching station that the trolleys can be operated remotely; real-time displaying and recording the operation condition and position of the trolleys; with the real-time positioning detection signals, the locomotives are moved by the control computer.

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