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  • Product name: Safety centralized monitoring system for cargo inspection station
  • Product Numbers: 000007
  • Shelves time: 2011-05-12
  • Browse the number : 73


 Improve the automation level and reduce the labor intensity to realize the informatization and digitization.

 Freight inspection monitoring, telegraph management and operation management    Operation statistics, comprehensive analysis, regulations and messages and integrated management  System maintenance



  ●     Overload detection of Class I, II and III; the overload detection accuracy can recognize 8mm iron wire;

  ●     High-definition video;

  ●     Open condition recognition of freight vehicle doors;

  ●     The overloading and unbalance loading, rail weighbridge, overloading, track system of dangerous cargo and TPDS are shown in the same interface and can automatically classified and processed;

  ●     Automatic warning of abnormal conditions. Automatically transmit and process the stage plan, operation instruction and on-site inspection information and realize the auto-transmission of telegram based on the process result of locomotives;

  ●     The system is featured by automatic data collection and analysis, comprehensive query of various accounting information, automatic generation and storage of the statistical statements, which can be paged up at any time.


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