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  • Product name: Automatic rail shifting system
  • Product Numbers: 000008
  • Shelves time: 2012-09-12
  • Browse the number : 69


Scope of Application

   1. The rail on the rail platform is shifted to the rail line in the rail welding plant;

   2. The rails are stored in the plant for rail translation and stacking.



   1.Each shifting trolley can be precisely positioned to the specified location for once with the running deviation not exceeding +5mm and run to the roller line without any deviation;

   2. Simple operation: the whole shifting process can be completed by pressing one key and then automatically adjusted to the proper condition for the next operation;

   3. The reliable sensor can ensure the correct rail-seeking for each time. No matter straightly or in bending way, the rails can be correctly sought and placed in a straight line on the track line. Therefore, the rail alignment function is provided;

   4. Stable system: operating temperature: -25 °C - +80 °C; operating humidity: < 95%; the mean time between failure: 10000h;

   5. Energy conservation and consumption reduction: the frequency converter is applied to save the energy for the equipment (>30%); the power consumption of the electrical element < 3000VA.

   6. The response time of the system is short, while the synchronism is strong. The synchronous response error: 0.08s.


Main function

   1. The single rail is moved on the rail platform and shifted to the rail line;

   2. Several rails are transferred between the rail positions;

   3. Precise detection of the real-time positions of the trolleys;

   4. Manual operation under the abnormal conditions (the rails are shifted from the track line to the rail platform).

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