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        • Product name: 500 m long rail handling numerical control system
        • Product Numbers: 000004
        • Shelves time: 2011-05-12
        • Browse the number : 254

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        The long rail as a whole will be moved in the welded rail base for long welded rails, thus, several gantry cranes are required for cooperative and synchronous work. The cranes move longitudinally (Y-axis) and vertically (Z-axis) while stand still horizontally (X-axis). If the gantry cranes can work synchronously, the operation efficiency can be improved, the safety of equipment and personnel can be protected, rails can be always kept straight without twist, production quality can be improved, and the quality of continuous welded rail can be ensured.

           Synchronous positioning and automatic handling system for long rail is a long rail lifting system with the functions of synchronous action, accurate positioning and centralized control, which can handle 300m or 500m long rails wholly and shift & lift them horizontally. To realize synchronous action of a group of cranes through centralized control can keep the long rail in status of straight line during lifting. This system is particularly applicable to factory storage of rail, production line of long rail and welding base of long rail.


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