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        • Product name: Electromagnetism Inductive Coupled Rail On-site Normalizing Machine
        • Product Numbers: 000003
        • Shelves time: 2011-05-12
        • Browse the number : 183

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        The onsite normalizing equipment is used in laying seamless rails or exchanging locomotive routes and used for normalizing treatment of the welds after welding at an intermediate frequency.

        The equipment is equipped with two same and symmetrical sensors, which can inductively heat the rails from both sides. The sensors are made of coils, magnetizers, current-conducting plates and clamping devices. When the clamping device is open, the sensors can be separated or folded horizontally. The sensors can be cut off from the rail if separating. With the folding and closing of the two sensors, the current-conducting plate is pressed, while the welds are heated by the powered sensors. The heating temperature is measured properly by the infrared ray. The ohmic heating stops up to the settings. The welds are cooled according to the cooling rate required by the normalizing industrial process through forced air supply. When the setting temperature is reached, the air supply stops. Then the current-conducting plates open and the sensors are separated from the rail, which means the normalization is finished.

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