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        • Product name: Rail Profile CNC Milling Center
        • Product Numbers: 000002
        • Shelves time: 2011-05-12
        • Browse the number : 186

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           Rail Profile CNC Milling Center is featured by high automation and precise self-detection and mainly used for rail knob after welding, replacing the coarse grinding after knob removing process to carry out the preliminary knob milling under the precise digital detection and control. Meanwhile, the machine will collect data, intelligently identify the rail specification through the database and select the corresponding movement trace and reshape the long rail knob after welding.


        Mainfeatures of the equipment

        1. Usingthe automatic detection technology, large errors of rail can be detected and used proper rail procedures to shape the form;

        2. Process used to prevent excessive milling devices to ensure the machine does not milling loss;

        3. Fixture using self-centering institution and proportional control hydraulic clamping device to ensure reliable clamping for little vibration of milling.Machine tool use servo control system to ensure high-precision in processing.

        4. Indexable and not regrinding cutting tools is used, moreover the cutting tools has long useful life and convenient exchange;

        5. Automatic processing reduces the workload of the operator, reduce fatigue and environmental pollution, assure the quality of product and improve work efficiency;

        6. The whole system work stability and the nodule can be controlled in 0.2~0.5mm.


        Technical Characteristics

        1. Machine model: LD GHSX-18 Relevant symbol meaning as follows:

        ——G for Rail

        ——H for welding line

        ——S for numerical control

        ——X for milling machine

        ——18 for rail specification60kg/m

        2.  Range of application

        Rail type: 60 kg/m50 kg/m75 kg/m rail only for fixture and work program adjusting)

        3. Machine tool productivity: process time is 3 minutes for each welded joint

        4.  Environment condition

          .1 Ambient temperature: -10℃~+45

          .2 Altitude 3000m

          .3 Relative humidity maximum: 95%

        5. Chip removal way:  Manual work for chip removing

        6. Protection Type: Interior adopt anti-splash protection for iron filings, moreover, in the flatcar    set a safety net device which is outside protection of the machine tool.

        7.  Working power: 380V,50Hz

        8. Overall dimensions: 3000mmX2500mmX2200 mm

        9. Gross weight: 10t

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