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        • Product name: Stable parameters of CWR track integrated detecting system
        • Product Numbers: 000010
        • Shelves time: 2011-05-12
        • Browse the number : 5441

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              The detecting device of CWR track temperature and strain integration, and, horizontal and transversal displacement detection sensor of CWR track, both of Leaddo’s independent development, are mainly made up of high-precision strain sensors, temperature sensors and installed fixture, which form a remote and automatic monitoring system of complete rail temperature, temperature stress,  longitudinal and transversal displacement. While, the system meets the practical needs of track stability detection.
        System features
        1. The data, processed through integrated modules, is sent to the control center through RS485, which achieves long-term monitoring to the temperatures and strains of every CWR measuring point.
        2. With the new technologies of temperature compensation and dual induction, the zeros of the sensors do not fluctuate with the external temperatures. 
        3. Monolithic processing can help to rectify measuring errors of the sensors.
        4. Simple configuration and easy installation.  
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